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Simply enter your reg, get a free valuation, and we'll come to you!

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How It Works

Selling Couldn't Be Simpler

Enter Your Reg
Then We Can Value Your Car.
Secure Your Offer With A Few Photos
These Help Our Specialists Price Your Car Competitively - And Secure Your Offer.
Sit Back And Let Us Do The Rest!
We Collect For Free, And Pay You Before We Leave.
Total Convenience Whatever Works For You

Quick, easy, hassle-free. Just enter your reg and send us a few pictures of your car.

total convenience

We work around your schedule, making arrangements convenient for you - and we don't leave with your car until the money's sitting in your account.

Plus, with Cardaddys you enjoy our 7-day guarantee for the valuation of your car - and it's refined by one of our specialists, not just an algorithm.

total convenience
Say Goodbye ToCar Selling Stress
BenefitsWhat Makes Cardaddys Just Sooooo Convenient?
Get An Instant Car Valuation

One of our expert vehicle appraisers is on hand to check out the pictures of your car as soon as you send them over.

get instant car valutionget instant car valution
get instant car valutionget instant car valution
We Come To You

No need to bring your car to us. Just let us know a date and time, and we'll do the rest.

Grab The Best Price

Our offers are based on the current market, and we work hard to get you the most competitive price on the day.

get instant car valutionget instant car valution
get instant car valutionget instant car valution
We Sort Your Finance

Outstanding finance on your car? No worries. We'll make sure you're in the clear so you can start searching for finance options on your next car.

We'll Help Source Your Next Car

So you've sold your car - but that's only half the job, right? No worries - we're proud to partner with car supermarket Car Planet! No matter your budget, needs or preferences, Car Planet has a vast selection of high-quality secondhand cars, and their experts will be delighted to help.

get instant car valution
get instant car valution

Competitive Prices Today

What's My Car Worth?

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